A warm winter community

Methods of interaction, and communities, change over time. I spoke to one Karma member who remembers when bags of food were bought in bulk by a collective, then divided among the members. I used to live in a farming community where we would buy in bulk what we didn’t grow ourselves, and then we would get together to divide the shipm ent. It was a time for fellowship and fun.
My, how far we have come. Now we hire consultants to design produce displays to appeal to shoppers, and anything you might want to know is on the Internet. That’s why I gravitated to the Social Events Committee: it promotes the familiar environment in which neighbours come together as a community to talk and share.
January tends to be a cold month in the Northern Hemisphere of our dear planet, Mother Earth, so we held a slow-simmering soup-tasting event. We set up a table with a pot of Stefani’s famous home-made soup and biscuits, with ingredients from Karma. Yes, Tomislav was on the accordion, and I was on the guitar; we played some tunes, but it was the chance to interact and chat with people as they came in that made my day. Eat your heart out, Clint Eastwood.
If we at Karma only wanted mindless shopping, we’d be at No Frills adding to Galen Weston’s billions. When one considers the building blocks of community — whether a shared vision, a desire to live responsibly, a goal to leave as small an environmental footprint as possible, a commitment to financially supporting those who have committed themselves to sustainable interaction
— it is not merely a lifestyle.
In February, we held our Valentine’s Day Chocolate Fondue Event. Leftover vegan chocolate Santa Clauses were melted down (recycled; good), in that now world-famous, multi-purpose crock-pot, with chunks of fruit and vegan marshmallows dipped into the sweetness. Yet another excuse to slow down, interact, and share thoughts about current events. There’s no shortage of those lately; to the point where some people have stopped listening to the news. But that’s OK. We get the real news talking to Karma members. If they didn’t care, they wouldn’t be here.
Free monthly events are held on select Saturdays from 11 AM to 3 PM.
  • March 18: Book and Yarn Exchange
  • April 29: Spring Wellness Fair
  • May 27: Plant Exchange

by Tom Smarda

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