Karma’s future

I am not naming myself, because this is about Karma, not me.

If all your dollars know what they have to do, you might skip this article.

If you’ve been reading all the reports, you know that Karma’s losing money, which can’t go on indefinitely. However, the infusion of some “free money” might, if used creatively, turn things around.

I don’t subscribe to the economic principle that something has to make money to be worthwhile. Often the opposite is true.

I have been a Karma member from the beginning, tho’ I left for some years. That was a mistake. I want to remain a part of this community for the rest of my life. Sure, I could shop at Fiesta, or Noah’s, but I don’t want to. I bet you’ve never gone to one of them because you’d like some good conversation, even if what you buy could have waited.

Life has gone better for me than I imagined, and while we’re not fabulously wealthy, we have more money than we need. How about you?

My spouse and I are giving Karma a chunk of “free money,” for Talia and the board to use as they think best. Talia mentioned some possible uses for the money (completing the bulk bin renovations; hiring a social media/marketing person; small building projects), all of which sound good to us. There is just no slush fund to finance them.

I want the downward drift to end before it’s too late.

Remember the point behind Joni Mitchell’s Big Yellow Taxi: “…you don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone…”

So, take Talia aside, in the member’s room, and ask her what the amount of money you can spare might be used for.

If you can, GIVE so Karma may LIVE!