From the GM—March 2018

Dear Karma Members,

It has been a very busy month at the Co-op! We’ve been working hard to bring in some great new products for you with a real focus on reducing plastic and waste. We hope you love the new additions as much as we do. We had a lot of fun researching them and getting to know the people who make them.

As many of you have noticed, we moved some things around in the produce section. The reviews have been overwhelming positive. We’re thrilled you love the new space! We are also finishing up work in the bathroom. Soon it will have a fresh coat of paint and new backsplash!

We’ve also been working hard on getting our social media team and campaign off the ground. Thanks to some hard-working and creative members and our social media consultants at The Enabling City, we will be sharing our best content and spreading the word about Karma. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (click on “Follow Us” at the top of the page on the right) and to like and share our posts. The more things get shared, the more people will find out about our co-op!

We recently got news that Kathryn Camfield has decided to lay some roots in Victoria and stay beyond her leave of absence. Though we will miss her, we’re happy and excited for her. There have been rumours that she is keen to start up a food co-op in Victoria! ???? We’ll all be rooting for you Kat!

Join Karma’s Social Media Team!

Are you social media savvy? Do you love to create engaging content for the world to see? Are you passionate about environmental, food, or sustainability issues? Are you passionate about your co-op? We’re looking to up our social media game and need people with skills and passion in these areas to help us increase our social media presence. We need to fill various roles including team liaisons, content creators, editors, and schedulers. If you are interested in getting your member labour hours by helping Karma reach our social media goals, please contact Talia.

Yours co-operatively,

Talia McGuire
General Manager
Karma Co-op