Strategy and Planning Committee

Left to right: Reece Steinberg (Board Liaison), Sarah Bradley (Chair), Karen Fliess, Paul DeCampo

This committee first came together as part of a Strategic Planning initiative. The work began over the summer of 2018 with analysis of a series of surveys and food industry reports. It is possible that since Karma’s Mission and Core Values are well established, a formal Strategic Plan process may not be necessary.
This committee will work with the board and the General Manager to determine our course of action. Currently, we envision that our work will focus on market and internal analysis, leading to suggested strategies and tactics for retaining and building membership. We are aligned with the General Manager’s advice that we engage in additional analysis of the member surveys and expand the research to include input from staff. We are not looking for new committee members at this time, but may invite participation as our mandate comes into focus.

submitted by Paul DeCampo, on behalf of the Strategy and Planning Committee