From the GM — April 2019

Though Karma is always a wonderfully happy place, there have been more smiles and cheerful hellos since the spring sun has been shining down. It’s energizing to hear members talking about their plans for this year’s garden and seeing more and more bikes in the parking lot. Spring is here, and we have a lot to look forward to!

As has been the trend these days, we have more bulk plans for the coming months. I hope you enjoy this growing section of our store! We are working hard to offer new products and to make the shopping experience better.

I’m happy to announce that in the very near future, we will be able to offer email receipts! This is a great way to keep records and reduce waste. Did you know that all thermal receipt paper is not recyclable? ???? 

Unfortunately, there is some sad store news. Karma staff member James Byrne will be working his last shift on Sunday, April 28. James has been working at Karma for 5 years. In that time he was our meat, cheese and bulk purchaser, as well as our salesperson extraordinaire! He is off to do an internship in Peterborough as part of his Masters of Climate Change. We will miss you greatly James! You brought such energy and fun to Karma. I hope we will continue to see you around the store. Best of luck and thank you for everything you have brought to Karma!

Yours co-operatively,
Talia McGuire
General Manager
Karma Co-op