Report from the Social Events Committee: Slow cooker

As Newfoundland was digging out from Snowmageddon on January 18, Toronto caught the tail end of that storm and ended up with a record snowfall for that date (up to 20 cm).
What better day to have a SEC (Social Events Committee) slow cooker hot soup event at Karma?
As members came in through the door, having stamped their feet to dump off excess snow from their boots, they were greeted with the offer of a hot cup of Stefani’s extravagantly delicious squash bean soup.
And if that wasn’t enough to get some members grinning widely from ear to ear, there was also Stefani’s fresh baked cornbread on a plate to go with the soup.
What a way to literally “break the ice”?
Conversation flowed as easily as the soup poured out of the ladle.
Stefani commented that she had intentionally prepared the 3 Sisters: corn, beans, and squash together.
Some people asked why they were called the 3 Sisters.
Corn, beans, and squash are native to the “New World” and have been grown together by First Nations peoples for 3,500 years.
The beans climb up the corn stalks while fixing nitrogen into the soil.
The squash acts like a mulch to keep the earth moist, and its prickly leaves discourage pests.
One big happy family.
For a frame of reference, Stonehenge was being built at about the same time on the other side of the pond.
The 3 Sisters together contain the amino acids needed to create a balanced protein.
Squash seeds provide oil.
So not only are corn, beans, and squash in a healthy cooperative relationship with each other, they are also in relationship with the Earth as they grow,
And then eaten together they are not only verrrry tasty, but nutritious as well!
The soil is a living, breathing community.
How the 3 Sisters could have gotten along so well for at least 3,500 years before the introduction of petro-chemical fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides, is beyond me.
But, then again, that’s the beauty and the mystery of Creation.
Together we are nurtured and kept healthy.

Submitted by Tom Smarda

Tom Smarda, Arel Agnew, Kristy van Beek, John Swaigen
Stefani Brown & Tom Smarda