Report from the Board

On behalf of the entire Board of Directors, I would like to express our thanks and appreciation to our incredible staff team whose flexibility, creativity, commitment and hard work have kept our doors open during these incredibly challenging times. We are so very proud of you!

We are also very proud of our General Manager, Talia, whose leadership throughout this crisis has protected our health and safety. Our sanitizing and cleaning protocols exceed the Ministry of Health’s COVID-19 Guidelines for Food Premises. We continue to assess risks, and to improve and refine our best practices to ensure that we are protecting staff and members to the best of our ability.

In March, our sales were 40% higher than usual, which was great financially; however, staff became overwhelmed trying to keep pace with additional ordering, deliveries, and restocking while also implementing the many new and necessary cleaning protocols. To create a more manageable work environment for staff and to ensure the store is safe for members, our opening hours have now been reduced by one hour per day:
Tues-Sun vulnerable members’ shopping: 11am – 12 Noon
Tues-Sun regular members’ shopping: 12 Noon – 6pm

Our new schedule will provide staff with more time to attend to store operations. For these same reasons, we are also temporarily suspending new memberships and trial shopping. Non-members can still shop at Karma, paying a 15% surcharge as usual. We hope to welcome new members and trial shoppers back in the near future.


Karma members love to socialize in the store and are actively engaged in our community. However, at this time, it is absolutely critical to practice physical distancing. When shopping, let’s do our best to protect ourselves, our family and community by following these simple practices:

  • wash our hands before we enter 
  • wear a mask while shopping
  • do not socialize in the store 
  • maintain physical distancing of 2 metres
  • come with a list to limit our shopping time and exposure to others
  • inform staff if we or someone we have been in contact with has or suspects having COVID-19. Staff will share the date and time of exposure with one another and with any members that may have been present at that time, emphasizing the need for self-isolation as per the City of Toronto orders. Members communicating a possible COVID exposure can rest assured that their identity will be kept in the strictest confidence, and will not be communicated in any manner.

If you can help with grocery deliveries to members who are vulnerable or self-isolating, please email Talia


Outside of COVID-related news, there have been a few changes to our 2019–2020 Board members and officers. Here is our updated Board complement, including our new Treasurer:

  • Kristy van Beek, President
  • Andrea Dawber, Vice President
  • Jim O’Reilly, Secretary
  • Mike Paduada, Treasurer
  • Reece Steinberg
  • Lindsey Shorser
  • Mandy Hindle
  • Lev Jaeger
  • Tristan Laing

We would like to thank our past Secretary and Board member Brayden Lowery, as well as Jocelynn Rodrigues, for their many contributions. We welcome your suggestions and feedback at

In May, we will improve Board transparency by sharing Board minutes on the website. Unfortunately, because the Board was under capacity last year, there have been many tasks required to institute a series of standard practices to support the Board’s functioning and improve Board transitions in the future. As you might imagine, there has also been much work behind the scenes to support Karma staff and operations during these unprecedented times of COVID-19.

Let’s continue to do our part to #flattenthecurve, support our vulnerable community members and encourage one another to do the same.

Submitted by Andrea Dawber for the Board of Directors