Report from the Board


It has already been seven months since our Annual General Meeting, when our new board began to meet, and quickly got to work. It has been a very busy seven months!

Here is a snap shot of a few of the things we’ve been working on:

2020 Karma Shopper Survey
One big project which has been underway was developing the 2020 Karma Shopper Survey. We need your help! By sharing your Karma experience, we will have access to data that will inform our decisions, policy updates, and marketing plans. Ultimately, we hope to implement changes to improve the overall shopping experience in preparation for future membership campaigns. We look forward to receiving your feedback. If you have not yet done so, please take the survey here.

Health & Safety Manual
The board recently passed a worker Health & Safety Manual, an impressive 81 page document, to be implemented at Karma. I want to give tremendous thanks to our newly formed Health & Safety Working Group – Andrea Dawber, Mandy Hindle, and Jim O’Reilly. I’m sure we’ll see more great things from this group in the months ahead.

Building Condition Assessment
The board is finalizing plans to conduct a comprehensive Building Condition Assessment to assess the state of Karma’s long-standing home. With this in hand, the board will be in a better position to recommend a capital repair schedule, and/or make other recommendations for the future of our Karma home.

Member Labour Redeployment
When COVID-19 was initially announced, a quick decision was made to temporarily suspend in-store member labour while changes were implemented to ensure everyone’s safety. Now that things seem to have settled into a new normal, the board hopes to safely redeploy our member labour teams back into the store by July 1st. We also anticipate creating special assignments for folks who have the skills and capacity to help us with projects we hope to complete throughout the rest of the year. Please stay tuned for postings about special projects.

As of June member hours will resume accumulating, and we ask our member labourers (and everyone else reading this) to please take the 2020 Karma Shopper Survey to earn work hours in June. Hurry – the survey closes June 13th!

Marketing & Communications Committee
We’re thrilled to announce the creation of a new Marketing & Communications Committee. This committee will be dedicated to helping to grow brand awareness, and to support all branches of Karma with coordinated, and integrated marketing and communications initiatives. We hope to be able to share details of these initiatives in the coming months. A big thanks to Mary Bredin for her efforts thus far in getting this committee off the ground.

Annual General Meeting (AGM) Minutes
The AGM Minutes for both the 2018 and 2019 meetings are available for members to review. These minutes will appear again at the 2020 AGM for your approval. To those in attendance at these meetings, kindly submit proposed changes to us at
Click here for 2018 Minutes. (Link: to follow)
Click here for 2019 Minutes. (Link: to follow)

If you ever wish to contact the board, we can be reached at We love hearing from members, so please do not hesitate to be in touch.

Thank you all for your continued engagement in our wonderful co-op. Wishing you and your family good health!

In co-operation,
Kristy van Beek
President, Board of Directors