Donations program to support Karma’s long-term sustainability and capital needs

Karma’s Board of Directors established a Donation Policy at our July 8th, 2020 meeting to support the development and implementation of a donations program. The goal of the new policy and program is to support the long-term sustainability of our co-operative and enable us to respond to the capital needs of our aging building, mechanical systems, and equipment. Special projects that further the mission of the co-op will also be eligible to access funding through this program; however, day-to-day operational needs and expenditures will not be eligible for this funding.

The Donation Policy is posted on Karma’s website and can be viewed here. To further support the Donation Policy and donor program, an improved Privacy Policy is being developed to take into account the needs for securely managing donor information. The Board hopes to share a revised Privacy Policy in the September issue of the Chronicle.

Long-time Karma members, Caitlin Smith and Andrea Dawber, are working together to launch Karma’s first Donations Program this fall. If you would like to work with Caitlin and Andrea, or learn more about the donation program, please email Andrea at