Social Events Committee Reflections

2014 Spring Plant Exchange

Thank you Karma’s Board of Directors for your good wishes on my retirement from the Social Events Committee -SEC.  I would like to point out that the SEC does not have a chair. I was the SEC Committee Administrator and we made decisions based on committee member feedback and consensus. Over the years, I worked with a myriad of board reps and coordinated with the GMs. I also worked during events which included event set up, running & clean up.

A continuous Karma Co-op member for 26 years, I have learned and grown in many ways while a part of the SEC.  It was an honour to share events with Karma members as well as welcome and introduce Karma to new potential members who happened to drop by our events. The SEC reflects Karma principles of reusing through our various seasonal exchanges. Karma’s talented members were spotlighted through our Fairs and Markets. I introduced new events to Karma including Karma’s One of a Kind Market, Karma’s Spring and Fall Wellness Fairs, Fall Plant and Seed Exchange and the General Exchange. My very favourite event is the Karma’s Spring Plant Exchange, which according to the longest time SEC member, Stefanie Brown, has been running for over 20 years – minus 2020 of course. Members bring in their indoor/outdoor plants and seedlings to share with other members. This past winter, I nursed along my Mother of Millions seedlings for the Plant Exchange which due to Covid -19 restrictions, were ultimately shared with my very appreciative neighbours.

Although we are in the midst of a Pandemic, I am hopeful that SEC will continue in some form in the near future. Perhaps online events and outdoor events like the plant exchange could work. In the meantime, we have all of the memories. Thank you to the SEC members for all the great times! Thank you to all who support SEC events in so many ways!
Looking forward to attending future events.

-Susan Green