Report on the AGM from the Karma Board of Directors

Thank you, everyone, who planned and participated in Karma’s first-ever virtual AGM.It was a surprising success—81 Karma members registered and 53 participated! Next year, we hope to build on this success, integrating zoom for our 2021 AGM as either a hybrid meeting if we can meet or virtual again. Thank you, Kitty Choi, Karma friend and Zoom IT expert, Kristy van Beek, our President and meeting organizer extraordinaire, and Howard Kaplan, IT specialist and our vote-vetting program designer who ensured our elections’ legitimacy. Also, thank you, to our excellent Corporate Secretary, Jim O’Reilly for coordinating the many submissions, preparing the complete AGM package, and making sure it was available in print format for pickup at Karma. 

To summarize, we began by receiving the reports from our President, Kristy van Beek, who summarized the board’s efforts in the last year, and General Manager, Talia McGuire, who provided a more detailed report covering operational projects and changes such as the laneway mural project and moving to a more convenient online bill payment system just before the pandemic arrived.  Our auditor, Kriens-Larose, presented Karma’s Financial Statements, and we had a $44,191 surplus for the fiscal year June 1, 2019 to May 31, 2020, as we benefitted from the early pandemic shopping waves. 

Our newly acclaimed 2-year term board members are Gillian Kranias, Charlie Lior, Libby Mills, Judy Skinner, and Caitlin Smith. Our newly acclaimed 1-year term board member is Kristy van Beek, who joins continuing board members Andrea Dawber, Mandy Hindle, Tristan Laing and Lev Jaeger as they complete their second year on the board. The Anti-Oppression Statement and Product Policy were both accepted overwhelmingly by the membership after discussion. Caitlin Smith presented the Donation Program and Donation Policy, and Andrea Dawber provided an overview of updates to our Privacy Policy that ensure we adhere to the Donor Bill of Rights.

View the 2020 AGM Draft Minutes here. Please send any comments to Jim O’Reilly, Corporate Secretary, at .

Next steps for our 2020-21 board: On November 5, 2020 Karma’s 2019-20 board met with the 2020-21 for a one-hour meet and greet, answering questions about executive roles, time commitments, and introducing some of the strategic projects for the year ahead. On November 14, 2020, Karma’s 2019-20 board will provide an orientation and training for our 2020-21 board members with the aim of improving our board succession and transition to better support incoming board members and management. On this day, we will elect our executive positions, determine the committee liaisons, and dig into some of the strategic projects, prioritizing the most pressing needs.