Your New Karma Board!

Introducing the members of your board!

President, and Management Committee Liaison: Andrea Dawber

Andrea is currently the Senior Development Communications Officer, Foundations, with Camp Ooch & Camp Trillium, communicating impact to donors and foundations. She has held a range of positions from co-managing an artist-run centre to Acting Executive Director of Ecosource, an environmental education charity based in Mississauga. Andrea has been a member since 1991, and has a background in communications, fundraising, stakeholder relations, financial management, and community engagement.

Vice-President, and Donations Committee Liaison: Caitlin Smith

Caitlin is a fundraising professional with 20 years experience, and worked previously in sales and marketing for the publishing industry for 20 years. She joined Karma in 1981, and served two terms on the board (one as President) in the late 1990s and early 2000s. She has also done orientations and has been a cashier for many years. Her recent task has been as a door monitor, which has given her the opportunity to socialize outside the store with members and introduce non-members to the wonders of Karma.

Treasurer, and Finance Committee Liaison: Charlie Lior

Charlie has been a member of Karma since about 1989. He was previously on the board for a few terms and also was on the finance committee for many years. 

He lived on a kibbutz in Israel for 14 years, where he learned the advantages and weaknesses of co-operatives. In Toronto, he worked for 30 years for Houselink Community Homes, for most of the time as the Finance Manager. Houselink is a supportive housing agency providing housing and support services to people with mental health challenges. He’s now retired, working only occasionally on specific projects.

Secretary: Jim O’Reilly

Jim O’Reilly has been a Karma Co-op member since 1991, and served on Friday-night Clean-Up crews,  the Policy Committee, the Maintenance Committee, the Board (1996 – 1999), Cash, and the  Maintenance Committee more or less in that order. Since retiring from teaching, Jim has run a charity  (The Chawkers Foundation) that promotes community-building though environmental and educational  initiatives.

Orientation Committee Liaison and 50th Anniversary Committee Liaison: Gillian Kranias

Gillian is a 30-year Karma member and mom of two teens. She has worked diverse member labour jobs: cleanup, cash, chronicle journalist, food issues committee, setup and welcomer (door). Her vision is to further Karma’s leadership in strengthening our community and business based on just, inclusive, and ecological economics. In her professional life she facilitates teams to deepen inclusion, evaluate and strategize, develop clear work plans, transform conflict and renew engagement – to thrive together!

Food Issues Committee Liaison: Mandy Hindle

Mandy has been a member of Karma since 2015, working in a variety of roles in-store, as part of the Chronicle committee and as a Board member.  She currently works as a Research Ethicist at St. Michael’s Hospital and also has a background in ecology and environmental toxicology.  She is passionate about engaging these skills in food and environmental justice issues, and is a strong believer in mindful consumption and reducing waste so she was grateful to find Karma, a place that shares these values and actively puts them into practice. In her off time, she is an active pick leader with Not Far From The Tree and brews her own cider from locally picked fruit.

Building Committee Liaison: Judy Skinner

Judy is a long-time member of Karma Co-op, with extensive experience on other Co-operative sector boards.  She was the Chair of the Toronto Municipal Employees Credit Union until its recent merger with Alterna Savings.  Currently she is a Director and Treasurer of Church Isabella Residents Co-operative, a downtown housing co-op where she lives and also is a member of the Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada Finance and Audit Committee.   

She’s a retired accountant (CPA-CGA), working for many years as a Manager in the Financial Planning team at the City of Toronto.  “Karma is an important part of the Toronto Co-op community and its history of providing member-owned and directed access to good food is unique.”

Community Development Committee Liaison: Libby Mills

Libby joined Karma about 3 years ago.  She relies on the co-op as a welcoming place that is a source of good supplies that have been thoughtfully chosen. She has particularly appreciated the co-op’s constancy and good sense during the covid-19 pandemic period. As liaison for the Community Development Committee, she looks forward to seeing the board and wider community come together to both enjoy and enrich our co-op.

Chronicle Committee and Marketing Committee Liaison: Kristy van Beek

Kristy (Past President of Karma, 2018-2020) is very familiar with the co-op sector, and served as the president of the Board of Directors for METTA Housing Co-operative. She learned about food co-ops while doing research online, and immediately signed up for an orientation session at Karma Co-op. She remains impressed with the values and mission of this co-op, and how closely they align with her personal values and beliefs.

Anti-Oppression Committee Liaison: Lev Jaeger

Co-Finance Committee Liaison: Tristan Laing

Tristan has been involved in the co-op movement since he moved into a Campus Co-op Residence Inc (CCRI) house while starting  graduate school in Toronto in 2005. In addition to serving in the CCRI board for many years, he has been involved in the governance of North American Students of Cooperation, a continental co-op federation that serves student and community  oriented housing and dining co-ops, since 2016, and he currently sits on all three of its boards (education, properties, and  development). He is also a member of the youth committee of Co-ops and Mutuals Canada, called “Canada’s Emerging Co opertors”. He is passionate about youth involvement in the co-op movement, and believes that co-op organizations,  especially when infused with a strong associative spirit, can be one of the best antidotes to today’s economic and social  problems.