Tiffinday Chickpea Curry: Product Review

by Karma member Kate Tessier

If you have ever had the pleasure of enjoying a meal from an Indian restaurant you know all about Chickpea Curry, otherwise known as Channa Masala. It’s that rich dish that only accelerates your consumption of Naan and undoubtedly¬†sends you back for more. But without the freshest ingredients, packaged dishes like this tend to be bland and mushy.¬†

Thankfully, Tiffinday’s Chickpea Curry is vegan/plant based dish that tastes fresh, full of traditional flavours, and chickpeas weren’t mushy. If you’ve ever hesitated with Indian cuisine because of the hot and spicy nature of the flavours you’ll be pleased to know this curry is mild, not too spicy. You can taste the fresh ingredients. If you like it spicy, you can easily add some yourself with some freshly ground pepper and a touch of salt. There are 3 servings in a jar so you can make an easy lunch for yourself over three days or heat the whole jar’s worth of curry for dinner for two. Pair with rice, naan, or pita and if you add some greens, you basically have a complete meal.