Karma Shopper Survey

by Kristy van Beek

Last June, Karma conducted a survey to learn more about you and what you would like to see and experience at Karma. A big thank you to the 333 people who took the time to share their valuable feedback with the co-op.
We heard loud and clear what members love most about Karma. Ethical practices, local producers, quality organic products, democratic ownership of our grocery store, a relaxed shopping atmosphere and a nourishing community. Karma has always been a place for conscientious food consumers to congregate, commune, support and shape a better food system here in Toronto. We will continue to focus on, strengthen and grow these aspects of our co-op.

In order for Karma to grow, it is equally important to be honest in identifying opportunities for improvement within our store as well. Opportunities that were identified to strengthen Karma include improving the in-store member experience, strengthening our member benefits offering, and implementing changes which make Karma more inclusive and inviting to a broader and more diverse member base.

Some changes you may have noticed since the survey was conducted include improved customer service, adjustments to our pandemic response, the reintroduction of the bring-your-own-container program, and changes to our hours of operation. You will soon see the suggestion box returned to the store so that members can provide feedback anytime.

In the coming months the Board of Directors will work collaboratively with our staff and the Marketing and Communications team to develop plans for training, policy changes, a membership campaign, as well as improved outreach and communications. We will continue to keep our members informed as new initiatives are developed.

Thank you all for your continued support of our incredible co-operative food store.