Celebrating our Black Suppliers

In celebration of Black Histories/Futures Month, we’d like to showcase some of our Black suppliers. Karma would be nothing without the products on our shelves and the amazing suppliers behind them.

We want to increase our products sourced from BIPOC suppliers. This is an area we need to improve on if our products are to reflect the diversity of our community. If there are BIPOC makers/shakers/business owners you think Karma should be partnering with, please connect us!

It’s Souper – Afro-Fusion prepared sauces and soups

Lola Adeyemi of It’s Souper

Like many things of beauty “It’s Souper” began as a dream and a way to find a place in a diverse community for Nigerian born, Lola Adeyemi, but has since grown far beyond that.  Using only the freshest ingredients,  Lola’s Afro-Fusion Gourmet Soup and Sauce line was inspired by the fusion of cultures that exist in Canada, a yearning for authentic flavours from Africa, and a desire to share it with her community. You can’t go wrong with any of her products which are new to Karma! They are all delicious and we’re thrilled to now have them on our shelves. Read more about Lola and her journey as a Black woman entrepreneur here

Recipe Idea: Jollof rice is a delicious West African rice dish where the rice is cooked in tomatoes and spices. Throw in your favourite veggies and protein of choice and you have a delicious one pot meal. There are many recipes and variations for jollof on the internet like this one. Choose one that suits you.  

The pepper sauce from It’s Souper, makes jollof a cinch to make and gives it a delicious flavour. Lola shared her tips with us on how to make a delicious pot of jollof. “Our Pepper Sauce eliminates half of the work to make this meal. All you need to do is add your parboiled rice and cook it in the pepper sauce until soft, if it’s too spicy for your taste you can add some tomato puree which also helps make the rice have a deeper reddish colour. You can also add mixed veggies minutes before taking it off the stove. To avoid the rice getting soggy, only add water/broth intermittently – and it’s ok if it burns a little at the bottom 🙂.” 

Choose Life Foods Vegan Jamaican Patties

Carolyn Simon of Choose Life Foods

Carolyn Simon and her siblings grew up loving Jamaican patties. When she was trying to transition to a plant-based diet, she was frustrated at not finding a vegan alternative that reminded her of the patties she loved growing up. She decided to start making her own and soon her family and friends were asking repeatedly why she wasn’t selling them. Thus, Choose Life Foods was born, offering vegan Jamaican patties made with natural and quality ingredients! These amazing patties are perfect for a mid afternoon snack, or, if served with a side of veg, a full on meal. They’re a favourite among the Karma staff! Find ‘em in our freezer, and maybe buy a few. You’ll be glad you did. 😉

Nerpy’s Hot Sauce

Nerpy’s amazing line up of award winning sauces and marinades

Michael from Nerpy’s® Inc. began making his award winning hot sauces in 2008 in Richmond Hill, Ontario. Perfect with roasted veggies and meat, Michael’s sauces and marinades are among our favourites here at Karma and are a quick easy way to taste the flavours of Jamaica!