by Arthur Jacobs

A Bundle-Buggy (BB) is not to be confused with
a grocery store shopping cart, or the virtual on-line check-out version.
Our Buggy has reached the age of recognition!
BB has turned 26-years old.
The 1995 date-code,
stamped on the cardboard box
lining the inside of its basket,
tells me so.
BB has completed hundreds of trips to Karma Co-op.
More than 500 Kms. – A Toronto to Montreal distance.
Return loads total; 18,000 kgs.
A tractor-trailer’s load equivalence.
BB is low maintenance.
When I hear a squeal,
a drop of oil to the sounding wheel.
Ready to roll.
The rubber tires are checked and worn.
Its wire basket slightly bent.
Myself, as the horse before the buggy,
my frame also slightly bent.
My energy not all spent.
With delight, I’m happy to draw home,
Karma’s, Bundle-of-Joy!