Seeking 2021-22 Board Nominees

By Caitlin Smith

The board is seeking members who wish to serve on the 2021-22 Karma Board of Directors. There are 10 members on Karma’s board, and five are completing the second year of their two-year terms. We are actively seeking nominees to fill these five two-year term positions as we prepare for our second virtual Annual General Meeting on Monday, October 18, 2021.

Do you have 6 hours a month to attend board meetings and carry out tasks specific to an assigned committee? Would you like to contribute to Karma and meet other members? We encourage all members to apply. We are seeking members with the following skills: governance experience, fundraising, legal, retail marketing, business management, and human resources.

The board is a great place to build skills in the cooperative sector. Please contact me, Caitlin Smith, Karma’s Vice President and Nominations Officer, at All members are welcome to attend board meetings, including potential nominees. I will need to send you the meeting link, and our upcoming board meeting schedule is here.