Summer BBQ Go-to’s

Below is the testimonial from a REAL* person about Karma’s spice rack…

“My family loves Karma’s spices! The high quality cannot be found anywhere else. Many of those jars of spices on regular grocery shelves taste nothing like Karma’s superior products. My go-to items include the true black peppercorns and real cinnamon, as well as the fragrant smoked paprika, cumin, and chili powder our family’s favourite bbq rubs.

If you have not tried the bulk spices, I encourage you to do so this summer!“

– Dan Kleiman, family grill master, and charcoal BBQ lover

DISCLAIMER: I have never, to my knowledge, actually met Dan but he sounds like a nice and sincere guy, so I believe him.

Justin Rosenberg has kindly suggested recipes.

Spices aren’t just for sitting on your shelf. Here are some ideas from Karma’s own Justin Rosenberg about what to do with them! 

“I’m new to cooking but to get the ball rolling:

The best drink I’ve ever made… turmeric latte and turmeric latte with cloves (but I use Oat Milk) and I also like turmeric cauliflower.