Call for Anti-Oppression Committee Chair

By The Anti-Oppression Committee

Karma Coop is committed to developing policies and practices aimed at “dismantling white supremacy, patriarchy, cis and heteronormativity, settler colonialism, capitalism, ableism, and other forms of oppression.” Please read the following link.

The Anti-Oppression Committee is seeking a Chair to ensure that Karma Coop’s commitment to anti-oppression is carried forward and enacted in a timely manner. The Chair ensures that the work done by the committee is communicated to the Board liaison. The Chair must carry out several administrative duties: organizing meetings and agendas, keeping account of hours, monitoring the mailbox, and acting as the main contact for Karma members. At the discretion of the Chair, these duties (and others) may be shared with other committee members. 

This is a volunteer position. In addition to the Chair, the committee is also seeking new members, interested in contributing to the anti-oppression agenda. Please contact