Product Profiles: Canadian Hot Sauce Edition!

By Alex Molina

At Karma, we have a lot of hot sauces! Here are some of our Canadian-made sauces that always have members coming back for more.

Ozaku chili miso is delicious on everything from eggs, to avocados, to chili!

1. Abokichi Okazu Chili Miso

You can add this to nearly everything!
Chili OKAZU is an umami-rich chili, miso, and sesame oil based condiment often eaten with rice in Japan. It’s also great as a marinade, or topped on chicken, potatoes, and tofu!
It’s a fun condiment that encourages you to experiment.

2. Neils Real Deal Hot Sauce

A selection of Neil’s Real Deal Hot Sauces

A 4th generation recipe brought from Trinidad and made here in Canada.
With a cauliflower base, it is easy to spread and scoop and add to any recipe.
Using a recipe that is almost 100 years old, Neil, the great-grandson of Granny, felt compelled to share the recipe and bring it to stores for everyone to enjoy!

3. Pure Hot Sauce

Find all three varieties of Pure hot sauce at Karma

Made in Woodbridge, Ontario these hot sauces pack some heat but manage to bring across a wonderful flavor with whatever you choose to use it with!
Pizza, steak, or bread with cheese. It’s up to you!