New Wet Case!

By Alex Molina

Hello everyone,

As I’m sure most of you are aware we had to say goodbye to our historic produce wet case. It had served us well for over 20 years! It was tough to watch something so essential and monumental in my produce department be cut into quarters and tossed away to be scrapped. Okay, now that I’ve finished crying, on to the good news! 

I’m very happy to say we had a new wet case installed this week and it looks amazing! It is a total upgrade in the produce section and I am very excited to have it stocked up with all our local and organic produce.  It’s sleeker and the shelving will be closer to the front so you won’t have to reach so far in to grab those crimini mushrooms. The unit also contains an extra 148″ of shelving across the top so I’m really looking forward to filling that space and trying out new products. Salad dressings? Packaged salads? More fruits? I want to hear your suggestions so please feel free to email with your ideas.

Lastly, I would just like to thank YOU for your patience and commitment to Karma throughout this time. I hope you enjoy the new wet case as much as I will! -Alex