10 Reasons to Start Shopping at Karma Again (If you Haven’t in a While)

By Bob Biderman

The pandemic has been difficult for Karma as many members stopped shopping or shopped less, BUT Karma is now well on its way back. What we need now is for those lapsed members who haven’t yet done so to return to the fold, and for active members to do as much of their shopping as possible at Karma. Here are 10 reasons you should think about coming back to Karma if you haven’t shopped with us in a while. 

  1. Karma has stayed safe (and open) throughout the pandemic. While major chains in the area have had outbreaks and had to close (some multiple times), Karma has remained open and safe throughout the pandemic thanks to the leadership and tireless efforts of the staff and Board.
  2. Missed member hours during the pandemic have been forgiven. Karma understands the difficult choices people have had to make which is why the Board has forgiven any missed member hours between March 2020 and June 2021. 
  3. Member labour opportunities are back! If contributing to our beautiful store is what drew to Karma, then fret no longer because many work shifts are back. They include set-up, clean-up, and a large number of tasks that staff need help with.  For safety reasons staff will still be at the cash registers.  Virtually all Karma committees are in the process of reforming and will welcome additional members too.
  4. Karma’s ventilation and physical premises have improved. The ventilation system in the store has been greatly improved.  New store lighting was added too and parts of the store were repainted.
  5. New members are welcome again. We’ve reversed the decision not to accept new members and once again are welcoming people from the community to join us.
  6. Store hours have been extended.  We no longer feel it is essential to reserve shopping times for those who are Covid vulnerable.
  7. We remain diligent in our COVID-19 protocols. Covid protocols such as wearing masks, sanitizing our hands, and staying a distance away from each other are still in place. 
  8. Come see our new wet cooler. Staff has purchased a new larger produce wet cooler which allows for considerable improvements to this all-important part of our store. The produce section is looking really good these days. 
  9. We know you miss us! Orientation team members have started calling a long list of lapsed members to invite them back.  The response has been most encouraging.  A number of people who haven’t been in the store for some time have been saying how much they’ve missed Karma and we are seeing some faces (or that part of the faces that are not covered by masks) that haven’t been seen at our co-op for too long.  

Karma continues to embody its founding values as we approach 50. Before the pandemic we all knew Karma as a vibrant community hub and gem of our city reflecting the values that inspired its creation. That remains true and we hope you will continue to be part of our community. Much has changed in the world during the past eighteen months or so, but our terrific food co-operative is still here as a special place for its members. Let’s all keep it that way by supporting the co-op so many of us love through our shopping and in whatever other ways we can. If we all do our bit Karma may even still be here another half century from now.