Key Updates From the Board

By Andrea Dawber

News from Karma’s 49th Annual General Meeting!

Congratulations, Bob Biderman, J Lu and Betsy Carter, our pre-AGM Karma trivia winners! Seventy-two people registered and about forty-five members participated in the AGM on Monday, October 18, 2021. Our 2021-22 Board of Directors is as follows: Andrea Dawber, President; Paul DeCampo, Vice President; Treasurer, Charlie Lior; Caitlin Smith, Corporate Secretary, and Members at Large, Libbie Mills, Judy Skinner, Marina Queirolo, and Sondra VanderVaart. The members also voted to accept the gender neutral amendments to the By-laws, which will be updated on our website in the next few weeks. To contact this year’s Board of Directors, please email

Recording of the AGM available to interested members

If you missed the AGM and would like to receive a recording of the AGM, please email

Members, welcome back to Karma

Karma has a policy that should your membership be inactive for 3 months or more, any and all member labour hours owing will be forgiven. If it has been a while since you have shopped in the store, please know Karma’s staff and membership welcomes you back at any time. 

Improvements create bright, fresh and welcoming store

Floor supervisor, Paul Dixon, and our Building Committee have been working together to deliver a number of in-store improvements that you will enjoy. New lighting, new paint in the bulk cleaning products area and office, new trim on the checkout counter, gorgeous new wet case that holds more produce, and lots of decluttering have all contributed to creating a very inviting place to shop.

Member labour opportunities with committees, new Board, and door-to-door neighborhood outreach 

The following committees are seeking members: Chronicle (writers), Anti-oppression, Finance (one member with financial management/accounting skills), Orientation (seeking 2 members), Community Development, Food Issues, and Marketing and Communications. If interested, please email

Karma’s 8-member 2021-22 Board of Directors is seeking 2 more members to join us on a number of exciting projects including the planning for Karma’s 50th Anniversary celebrations next year. Please email to discuss and/or attend an upcoming meeting.

This November-December, Karma’s Board, Marketing, Orientation, and Community Development Committees will be working together to reach out to Karma neighbours with a weekend door-to-door campaign that will take place over a series of Sunday afternoons. If you would like to join this initiative, please email

All Karma members are welcome to attend Board meetings

Karma’s Board of Directors’ meetings will be held on the 4th Wednesday of every month, starting November 24th, 2021. We are meeting virtually, and will share the zoom link with members interested in attending. To receive the link, please email