Notice Working Members: Pausing Mandatory Hours for December & January

Hello all Karma working members,

We’ve decided to suspend mandatory working hours for all working members for both January and retroactively for December. You won’t be required to work your mandatory two hours per month for either December or January. Nor will you be penalized should you elect not to work in December or January. We will provide an update for the February Chronicle about February working hours. This policy change is currently a work in progress, so if you have any questions about hours owing, please ask staff to leave a note your member account when you’re in store or email Robbie, our Member Records Secretary at (Please note Robbie usually only checks email once a week, so please be mindful of that when awaiting a response.)

That said, staff really appreciate in-store assistance from those members who feel comfortable working. We are in particular need of the members to work closing store shifts and delivery driver shifts. For the latter, we need reliable delivery drivers who have availability between 11am-4pm on Fridays to deliver orders to vulnerable members. You’re welcome to drop in anytime during that window of time to pick up deliveries. Anyone who is interested in learning more or assisting, please contact Paul at

Take care,

Alli Floroff

Interim General Manager