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Urban Harvest seedlings were delivered to the co-op today! They’re $4.99 each. We have the following seedlings available. Come and get yours today! Tomatillos Cherry tomatoes Black cherryGolden cherry orange Yellow pear Tomatoes Amish pasteCherokee purpleGreen zebra Mortgage lifter (red) Tigerella (red with yellow stripes) Greens Dino kaleRainbow kale Hot peppers Early jalapenoHabanero orangeRed cayenne Sweet peppers California wonder...
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Author: Food Issues Committee It has come to our attention that there have been complaints regarding the treatment of workers at Amy’s Kitchen through this article . There are allegations that the company is prioritizing increased production over worker safety and workers injured on the job aren’t being properly cared for and supported. We are undertaking further research on the position of both the employer and employees, as well as alternatives to the Amy’s Kitchen products we...
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Are you ready to maximize the Ontario season? We want to help you make it happen. At Karma, sourcing local and seasonal produce is our reason for being. Let us help you extend the Ontario season with our new Buy the Bushel program.  Sign up to receive larger quantities of your favourite seasonal fruit or vegetable for preserving – or just for eating lots of fresh seasonal produce – we won’t judge!  We’ll be sourcing locally grown asparagus, strawberries, peaches, raspberries, che...
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Author: Alli Floroff
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Author: Alli Floroff
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Author: Rosalind Ashe Date: Saturday April 30th from 11:00am -12:15pm EST SPRING FORWARD into Mother’s Day (a week early)…Have you heard about the previous baking webinars, hosted by Prickly Pear Bakehouse? Karma-member, Inayat, has sought out culinary adventures around the world and she’s willing to share her know-how with us. On the weekends, she spends time in the kitchen, working on her side-hustle: Prickly Pear Bakehouse. Karma members and those who are curious about Karma...
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At Healthology we are ‘Building A Healthier You’. We are 100% focused on creating therapeutic strength natural health products that have a profound impact on your health and wellbeing.  All Healthology products are made in Canada and are formulated to meet and exceed Health Canada standards for quality and purity. It takes a lot of care and commitment, but the end result is worth it.  A selection of Healthology products found at Karma We all share the belief that your health is in your...
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By Bob Biderman Tuesday: Large produce delivery, Bread (Bagel House, Grainfields, Prairie Boy, Fred’s Bread) Thursday: Large produce delivery Friday: Bread (Bagel House, Little Stream, Prairie Boy) Saturday: Bread (Old Fashioned Bagels, Pita Break (their days may vary)) Fresh chicken arrives every other week. Small produce deliveries happen at various times. Moral of the story: It’s always a good time to come into Karma because you never know!
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By Alex Molina At Karma, we have a lot of hot sauces! Here are some of our Canadian-made sauces that always have members coming back for more. Ozaku chili miso is delicious on everything from eggs, to avocados, to chili! 1. Abokichi Okazu Chili Miso You can add this to nearly everything!Chili OKAZU is an umami-rich chili, miso, and sesame oil based condiment often eaten with rice in Japan. It’s also great as a marinade, or topped on chicken, potatoes, and tofu!It’s ...