Chronicle Committee

The Chronicle Committee

The Chronicle Committee is responsible for producing Karma’s member newsletter. Sent out every month by email to the Karma membership, the e-Chronicle is a link between members of this and other co-operative communities. In most cases, the newsletter provides a short introduction and links to features and reports that are posted on the Karma website. Until 2017, The Chronicle was also published in hard copy three times a year and then distributed in the store and made available on Karma’s website.

The Chronicle Committee’s primary goal is to produce a good-quality, informative newsletter for the Karma community. We solicit board, committee, and staff reports and provide a forum for members to share and discuss important issues facing the co-op. We also share news and information about store products and food-policy issues that are of interest to Karma members. Only those articles published as reports of the board of directors and committees are endorsed by Karma Co-op.

Join the Chronicle Committee

We are always looking for people with skills in editing, illustrating, designing, writing and proofreading. If you’d like to contribute or join the Chronicle Committee, please get in touch by contacting us at

How to Submit Content for the Chronicle

Published articles are eligible for work credit (letters to the editor, announcements and pieces that have already been published elsewhere are not). All content should be submitted as a Word document attachment by email to We also encourage you to review our writers’ guidelines before submission. The e-Chronicle will publish material related to Karma Co-op, subject to our editorial policy. Letters to the editor must contain the writer’s full name, although names can be withheld at time of publication upon request.