Member FAQs

Q. How do I change from a Working or Flat Fee Membership to a Percentage-rated membership?
A. You can switch membership status no more than once every three months, except in the case of an emergency. When switching from a Working or Flat Fee membership, you must either work or pay off any owed monthly commitments before being switched. If you would like to switch your status, email the Membership Secretary at or leave her a note in the office.

Q. How do I reschedule a shift?
A. Please notify the member labour or work shift coordinator a week in advance if you are canceling or rescheduling a shift. If your scheduled shift is less than 48 hours away, please call the store to cancel your shift.

Q. I’m behind in my work hours. How do I catch up?

  • You can work more than two hours in one month to catch up. There are always work shifts available, so just come into the store and grab a shift card from the board next to the office.
  • Or you can pay off your hours at a rate of $12.50/hr.

If you stop working and shopping without taking a leave of absence, you will need to make up or pay for at most two months of missed work before resuming active membership.

Q. How do I join a committee?
A. Joining a committee is a great way to contribute your skills and talent to the co-op. Karma committees do everything from building furniture, assessing ethics of our product purchases, to maintaining karma’s website. Learn more here.

Q. How do I request new products?

A. Fill out a special order and place it in the special order box and Karma will try and get it for you. Please note, if you fill out a special order tag, we consider the product bought, so specify if you would like us to contact you prior to purchasing the product. Special orders can be made at the special orders shelf beside the chocolate shelf.

Q. My partner is not a member but I am.  Are they allowed to shop under my membership number?

A. No. Membership is only available to members. Only you are able to shop under your household number unless your partner is also a member. If your partner would like to shop at the co-op, they may do so as a Guest Shopper. We strongly encourage them to become members themselves since they are directly benefiting from the service offered by the co-op!