Work Shift Information

Karma Co-operative is a member-run market. While Karma has several employees, it also relies extensively on members to perform many tasks. If you have a working membership at Karma, this section will provide some of the details needed to get you started working at the store!  If you have any questions please contact the store directly.

Working Member Information

Working members have many options for fulfilling their two hour monthly work commitment.   There are four main jobs to choose from.  They are set-up, cash, clean-up, and cheese cutting.

Once you choose a job that interests you and fits your schedule, the Member Labour Coordinator can then slot you in for a certain shift each month.  If you are not able to commit to the same shift each month,  you are welcome to sign up for shifts through our online scheduler. If you have any issues with scheduling shifts online, you can call 416-534-1470 and have a staff person schedule your shift.

For all in store work inquiries, please call the store at 416-534-1470 or email the member labour coordinator at



Set-up tasks are performed as the store opens each morning. Set-up is scheduled for 9-11 am.


Set-up includes such tasks as putting out the snacks, putting out clean utensils for the wet bulk, date-checking the bread, dairy & spreads & restocking various items.


A duties checklist is posted in the kitchen. Staff provide on-site training.



It is suggested that new members become familiar with the store and its products before doing cash shifts. However, if you have previous cashiering experience or are particularly interested in this work, please contact the Member Labour Coordinator. Cash shifts are available any time the store is open for business.


Cashiering includes ringing in members’ groceries and informing prospective members about the co-op. Cashiers are also expected perform other duties on their down time including cleaning and bagging bulk items.


Members interested in cashiering need to complete a two hour training session for which they get work credit. This training session can be scheduled through the Member Labour Coordinator. Cash trainings occur every month.



Clean-up is performed by two members each evening at closing. The shift starts 30 minutes before the store closes.


Clean-up tasks include tying up cardboard and putting out recycling/garbage, cleaning surfaces, sweeping and mopping the store, and cleaning the kitchen. Clean-up is a more physically demanding job than the other jobs.


No advance training is required for clean up. A duties checklist is posted in the kitchen and the staff provide on-site training.

Cheese cutting:


Cheese cutting occurs twice a week, after 2pm on Tuesdays or Wednesdays and various times on Fridays or Saturdays.


The job of the cheese cutter is to cut various bulk cheeses into smaller sizes and to display the smaller pieces for sale in the store.


Cheese cutting requires one training session for which members receive work credit.


Burns Wattie


Other Work at Karma
Other work is available at Karma Co-op although it is suggested that new members begin with one of the four types of work listed above. Laundry, inventory, phone calling, and clean up are some of the other member labour responsibilities and occur on an add needed basis. Contact the Member Labour Coordinator if you are interested in finding out more about such positions.

Working members can also meet their monthly work commitment by joining one of Karma’s committees.

Work Exemptions

All work exemptions entitle members to flat-rated prices while being exempt from work responsibilities. If you are interested in receiving work exemption for any of the following reasons, please contact Karma’s member records secretary.

NOTE: work exemptions are never retroactive.

  • Maternity Leave: members may receive one year’s maternity leave. Two-person households may receive six months each upon the birth or adoption of a child.
  • Medical Exemption: Members who are unable to work for health reasons are entitled to medical exemption from work.  The length of the medical exemption is determined by the member.
  • Leave of Absence: Planning on leaving town for a little while and won’t be able to shop at Karma? Exemption from work is granted to anyone who will not be shopping at Karma for at least one month.
  • Senior’s Exemption: Members sixty five years of age and older are not required to work, although are welcome to do so.

Questions about your work commitment?

Here are two staff people who can help:

Member Labour Coordinator, Paul Dixon
The Member Labour Coordinator ensures that the member labour system runs smoothly. They are responsible for helping members find work that is suited to them and that as many work shifts are filled as possible. They are also responsible for scheduling cash trainings.
Call 416-534-1470 or e-mail

Member Records Secretary, Kirsten Heyerdahl
The Member Records Secretary is responsible for administrative duties. They enter member information into the membership database.