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Author: Food Issues Committee It has come to our attention that there have been complaints regarding the treatment of workers at Amy’s Kitchen through this article . There are allegations that the company is prioritizing increased production over worker safety and workers injured on the job aren’t being properly cared for and supported. We are undertaking further research on the position of both the employer and employees, as well as alternatives to the Amy’s Kitchen products we...
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Fellow members, on Tuesday, May 31, please join members of Karma’s Board of Directors for a conversation about Karma’s current finances, plans underway to address low sales and low member recruitment/retention, and to improve the effectiveness of store operations. To sign up and attend, click here. A meeting link will be shared with you a week before the event. A presentation will include our current financial situation, our 90-day and 12-month plans to improve our business performance, ...
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Author: Benjamin Miller Karma will be seeking a new Chronicle editor as of July 2022. The Chronicle Editor’s duties include: Taking in and organizing content,Formatting and editing content,Recording hours for writers and production team,Communicating with writers, staff, and production team, Participating in the communications committee The Editor has the ability to bring their vision for the future of Karma’s communications to important decisions about content, scheduling, and p...
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The following Committees are seeking new members: 50th Anniversary Anti-Oppression Community Development and Events FinanceIT To connect with a committee contact, visit our committee page and click on the committee you wish to learn more about or join.
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Updated versions of the following documents are now available on Karma’s website: Membership Manual – updated May 2021 2021 AGM Minutes – updated April 2022 Karma By-Laws – amended October 18, 2021 Send your feedback on these items to
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Are you ready to maximize the Ontario season? We want to help you make it happen. At Karma, sourcing local and seasonal produce is our reason for being. Let us help you extend the Ontario season with our new Buy the Bushel program.  Sign up to receive larger quantities of your favourite seasonal fruit or vegetable for preserving – or just for eating lots of fresh seasonal produce – we won’t judge!  We’ll be sourcing locally grown asparagus, strawberries, peaches, raspberries, che...
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At the April Board Meeting, Karma’s Board of Directors voted unanimously to extend the mandatory in-store masking policy until further notice. How did the Board arrive at this decision?  Three key pieces of information guided the final decision: Member Voting:  One hundred and thirty-eight (n=138) members responded to the Board’s survey with 76% voting “Yes” to keep the mask mandate in place beyond April 27th.Staff Voting:  Nine (n=9) staff members took the Board’s survey a...
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Tagline: Karma’s first president reflects on its origins (from 2010) Author: Richard Haney Hello Karma Members, I still have Karma Co-op Membership card #348 that was issued to me in 1972. I can easily remember the first days of organising, planning and then opening the doors of the old, empty “white elephant” warehouse at 344 Dupont St. Our first Karma Meeting was held in the furnace room because there was so little heat in the building! That first Meeting was jam-pack...
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Author: Jennifer Knoch & Marina Queirolo Tagline: On Sunday May 15th  from 1pm to 4pm, come share seeds, cuttings, plant divisions, houseplants, and gardening knowledge outside Karma Co-op. Come share seeds, cuttings, plant divisions, houseplants, and gardening knowledge outside Karma Co-op. Free! Non-members welcome. Questions? Contact Jen at