Dear Karma Members,

We have been busy working with our social media consultant from Enabling City over the past two months to launch Karma’s first social media campaign! The purpose of the campaign is to help get the word out about Karma and to ultimately drive traffic to the store. We’ll need your help to make the campaign successful since a big part of its success relies on how much they are viewed and shared among our networks. If you “like,” comment on and share our campaign posts, the more visibility we’ll get, and, with that, more traffic to the store! Keep your eyes peeled for the campaign launch! You may see someone you know…

Another way you can help to promote Karma is by rating us on Yelp. Yelp is a site to help people find local businesses. If someone is searching for “Organic Grocery Stores,” we want to make sure Karma is at the top of the list. The more reviews we have, the more likely we are to come up in people’s Yelp searches. And of course, positive reviews are even better! 😉  It’s a simple way members can help boost the co-op’s visibility and get more people shopping at Karma.

We’ve been doing some rearranging again! Our new bulk cleaner section has been turning heads! We’ve placed all our bulk cleaning products in one convenient location for you to refill your containers. We even brought in some exciting new products like white vinegar, dishwasher tabs, and hand soap, all in bulk!

We are also reorganizing the members’ room! This space has historically been a graveyard for unwanted books and forgotten items, as well as used as extra storage for the store. I will be working with Karma member Tonia Cordi, owner of Time and Space Solutions, to revision the space so that it is more welcoming and functional for members’ use. I hope you enjoy the changes!

Join Karma’s Social Media Team!

Are you social media savvy? Do you love creating engaging content for the world to see? Are you passionate about environmental issues, food politics, and sustainable living? Are you passionate about your co-op? We’re looking to up our social media game and need people with skills and passion in these areas to help us increase our social media presence. We need to fill various roles including team liaisons, content creators, editors, and schedulers. If you are interested in getting your member labour hours by helping Karma reach our social media goals, please contact Talia.

Yours co-operatively,

Talia McGuire
General Manager
Karma Co-op