Dear Karma Members,

While this winter seems endless, spring is coming! We’ll be seeing the first of the spring produce soon enough! The staff, committees, and board of directors are all working hard on some exciting things! We are working on launching another social media campaign to attract more new folks to the store (please help us by sharing our posts!), we’ve expressed interest in a Community Waste Reduction grant for up to $25,000.00 through the City of Toronto, and we’re planning an exciting co-op focussed event in early July.

We are continuing to research more package-free items that also reflect our values of sustainable and just production. You can expect to see new and improved products and more and more options available minimally packaged or package free. The topic of waste reduction is becoming a regular part of our conversations with our suppliers. We’re working with some of our local brands to find ways to get their products package free. It is an ongoing conversation with lots of back and forth and experimenting! We are also figuring out ways to reduce the waste created by the store. It is very exciting!  

You may have noticed some new brands in our meat department. Just before the Christmas holidays, we were unexpectedly told by Fieldgate, our primary supplier of fresh meat, that they would no longer be supplying us because it was too costly for them to sell to us because of our small order sizes. We have succeeded in finding suitable replacements for many of our meat products, but some have been harder or more unpredictable to source on a regular basis. If you have any questions or suggestions about this, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

We look forward to seeing you around the store!  

Yours co-operatively,
Talia McGuire
General Manager
Karma Co-op