Fairtrade Market

Saturday, June 10


Come meet and talk to the suppliers of Fairtrade products carried at Karma. You’ll also have a chance to taste their quality goods.

From the GM – May 2017

Dear Karma Members,

It has begun! The local spring produce is starting to roll in. Wild leeks have arrived and we are getting more phone calls from farmers with the first of the season’s harvest. A lot of fresh greens at this point, but we can expect more and more variety from here on out!

If you are a home canner, Karma will have lots of options for you this spring. We are happy to take pre-orders for any crop you want to preserve: asparagus, wild leeks, fiddleheads, or strawberries! It’s going to happen fast, so we want to make sure you can plan ahead for your canning needs and source your produce from Karma.

May is Fairtrade Month, and Karma will be showcasing Fairtrade certified items and offering great deals throughout the month. Fairtrade is more than fairly compensating producers for their goods. Fairtrade has strict standards for worker’s rights, gender equality, protection of the environment and prohibiting child labour. In addition to the usual Fairtrade items of chocolate, coffee, and tea, Karma also carries Fairtrade tamari, spices, soda, and tahini! If there’s a Fairtrade item you would like to see on our shelves, let us know! We’re always happy to expand our selection of Fairtrade items. To help support suppliers of Fairtrade certified items, Karma will be hosting a Fairtrade Market on Saturday, June 10. Here you will have the opportunity to talk to the suppliers of, and taste Fairtrade products carried at Karma.

Happy Birthday Karma! May 16 is Karma’s official 45th anniversary! We will be having a very special day to celebrate our achievement of 45 years as a non profit, member owned and operated food store! Please help us celebrate

Yours co-operatively,

Talia McGuire

General Manager

Karma Co-op