Karma Co-op is made up of members who contribute their time, expertise, and passion for local food and products to make this community an open, vibrant, and knowledgeable food store for all of us.

Our members dedicate themselves to many parts of the co-op, including the array of committees we have that help Karma thrive. Some of our members have gone above and beyond, committing years of service on committees, showing leadership, and helping shape the community we have today.

In this e-Chronicle, we turn to our newsletter — The Chronicle — and extend our gratitude to long-serving members of this committee.

Karen Fliess
Karen first joined the Chronicle Committee in 2008, contributing articles and fulfilling the role of publisher and later communications manager, only recently retiring from her position in the spring of 2017. Many meetings were hosted in her home, where committee members shared food and enjoyed tea while reviewing past issues and discussing what stories would appear in the next newsletter. Karen also introduced us to other members through her column “In the aisle.” Individuals and couples were interviewed by Karen, explaining why they shopped at the co-op, what products were their favourites, and what improvements they would appreciate seeing at the store. We are very grateful to Karen for the leadership, order, and high standards she helped to set for our co-op’s newsletter and the many members she worked with on the Chronicle Committee.

Ellen Pauker
Ellen is a professional graphic designer and lent her valuable skills to The Chronicle for more than five years, taking numerous newsletters and transforming them into wonderfully designed co-operative publications. Any member of this committee can tell you this position is no easy task — fitting the articles and photos into the set number of pages, finding creative ways to lay out pages, and making edits, all in a condensed period of time. While Ellen has since retired from her position on the committee, we are very grateful for all the newsletters she designed for us. Thank you, Ellen!

Amy Stein
Amy has been an active editorial contributor, copy editor, proofreader, and content editor of The Chronicle for several years. Thanks to Amy, we’ve been introduced to some of the local farmers and producers of the special food available at the co-op. She is an excellent editor and helped polish many articles over the years. Amy also stepped up and helped engage the committee and membership in discussing the evolution of the newsletter from print to online. We want to thank Amy for these and so many other contributions she’s made to our community over the years. Amy moved on from the committee in the spring of 2017.

by Kate Rusnak