From the GM—May 2020

Dear members,

Thank you to everyone for your support, gratitude, and concern during these unprecedented times. The staff and I are so grateful for all the kind words and acts of support you have extended to us. Most of all, we are grateful for all of your help in keeping our store a safe place to work and shop. Thank you, thank you, for helping us in our efforts. 

Sales continue to be up.  We’re doing our best to keep on top of orders, keeping the store stocked and pristine. We appreciate all of your understanding and flexibility as we adapt to our new situation. Thank you all, for your patience. 

Many of you have reached out to me personally to let me know how you find Karma a safe place to shop these days, commending us in our efforts. It gives me great pride to know that you place so much trust in us and it fulfills me greatly to be able to offer a safe place and great food to our community during this time. ???? 

You may have noticed some new faces at the store! Staffing has changed since the last time I wrote an update. In March, we said goodbye to Laura. We greatly miss Laura’s bubbly spirit and contagious laugh. Recently, Kevin moved on from Karma as well. Kevin has a wealth of knowledge about co-ops, politics and food (all the things we are passionate about at Karma). We miss chatting with him about our favourite topics! Thank you both for all your hard work and best of luck to you both. We miss you.

We’re happy to welcome Eden and Daniel to the Karma team! Eden comes to us with a BA in Environmental Studies.  She loves food and community, so Karma is a natural fit! Daniel is a Karma member in the midst of a PhD in microbiology. What store can say they have a microbiologist on their team? We feel pretty lucky to have his expertise right about now! Welcome Eden and Daniel! We are looking forward to working with you both. 

I’ll leave you with a highlight from my week. Earlier this week, I was thrilled to receive a note from my good friend Loretta McHenry at the London Food Co-op (LFC), who shared with me an article written about the LFC, their response to COVID, and their recent 50th birthday (Happy Birthday LFC!!! ????). While they are practicing social distancing, they are also practicing “distant dancing”. I think this is a great practice that we will have to implement and formalize at Karma, though some Karma members are already practicing this. With all the extra shopping space, some of you have been spotted getting down in the aisles. We want you to know that we fully support this. Staff may even join you! We encourage you to practice distant dancing anytime you are at the store and the feeling strikes. ???? Don’t be shy to get down! ????????????????

Speaking of birthdays, Karma will be 48 on May 16! Happy birthday Karma!!❤️️

Be well, stay safe, stay fed! 


General Manager
Karma Co-operative 

From the GM—February 2020

Happy February! The days are getting longer and brighter which means, soon, we will start seeing local greens and start reconnecting with many of our local farmers. 

Over the past couple of months, members of the board and I have been working hard! We’ve been busy building a robust health and safety policy, starting new committees (TBA!), reinvigorating old ones, and starting to think about Karma’s future. If you would like to be part of the magic that is moving Karma forward, please get in touch with either myself ( or the board (

I’ve been working with one of Karma’s members on updating Karma’s website. This much needed change will make our site more current and user friendly, as well as better feature our amazing content. And yes, the site will be mobile friendly. ???????????? Thank you to Neil Joyes for working long and hard on this project, which we hope to launch by the end of February. The update is long overdue. I hope you love the changes!

Many of you have been asking about when, and if, Karma will be getting tap on our debit terminals. I’m happy to announce that yes, we will. Very soon! Getting tap will make cashing out a little bit faster. You’re welcome!

You may have noticed a new face at Karma. Kevin Bowman is our newest addition to the Karma team. Kevin has a strong co-op background (currently sitting on the Guelph Campus Co-op board, as well as having established a co-operative board game cafe in Guelph), and he has experience with local and organic foods. Welcome Kevin!

In co-operation,

Talia McGuire
General Manager