Happy spring! Or is it summer? All of the lovely weather has brought many of us out and about and ushers in a flurry of activities as we relish warm, sunshine-filled days. Your Karma Board of Directors is no exception. We recently welcomed three new board members, Kat Biondi, Julie McKernan, and Rebecca Waterhouse into our ranks. Kat and Rebecca will serve the remainder of the term with the possibility of extending their terms beyond this year’s Annual General Meeting and Julie has committed to a two-year term. Read on to learn a bit more about your new board members.

Kat Biondi’s passion for community engagement and community building led her to join the board, where she hopes to engage in more conversations around food systems, environmental impact, and food security issues. Kat has been working in the not-for-profit sector for over a decade, in areas of fundraising, operations and administrative management, and volunteer and human resource management.

Julie McKernan is a new Karma member and decided to join the co-op and the board to become a more engaged and respectful local and global community member. Her interests are around waste reduction, supporting organic growing practices, and buying local and in-season products. While she currently works in operations and project management in the insurance field, Julie also brings retail, events coordination, communications, planning, and marketing experience to the mix.

Rebecca Waterhouse is also a new co-op member looking to engage and connect with ethical and sustainable food movement champions. She brings over five years of experience in the not-for-profit and social entrepreneur sectors, and work in a variety of areas including data evaluation and analytics, program development, and strategic planning. Rebecca is interested in helping communities reclaim ownership of their food systems and creating and maintaining resilient communities.

The board has also recently formed a Strategic Planning Committee and is currently recruiting interested members to join the committee and assist in research and data collection to form the basis for the creation of a Strategic Plan. Within the co-op (and the broader food sector), member sales and engagement continue to decline and engaging in strategic planning will help the co-op take more proactive steps to better position itself within this climate and strengthen its longevity. Those interested in learning more or joining the Strategic Planning Committee, please see the call out below. A member survey will also be circulated over the summer as part of this process, so keep your eyes peeled on your inboxes! We know summer is a busy time for everyone and we would really appreciate member engagement and support of this process. We look forward to sharing more at our upcoming Annual General Meeting.

Spring is often a time of change and there are some exciting changes on the horizon for Karma’s storefront! The co-op is already well-known for this fantastic bulk section, featuring a wide range of unique dry, refrigerated, and frozen items, including organic Ontario popping corn kernels (my favourite), hulled hemp, parmesan, wild blueberries, and cranberries, to name a few. New bulk bins and shelving are coming! They will be installed in the coming weeks, and we can’t wait to see the new and improved bulk section! Be sure to swing by the co-op after the 18th to check out the changes and load up on your favourite bulk items! This time of year means lots of outdoor barbecuing, entertaining, and picnicking in the park. No better place to find everything you need to make a memorable meal than your local food co-op!

Co-operatively Yours,

Alli Floroff (Board President)
on behalf of Board of Directors, Karma Food Co-op

Strategic Planning Committee Call-Out

Are you a self-reliant Karma member looking to

  • Gain member hours?
  • Acquire research and interview skills?
  • Contribute to the co-op?

If so, the newly-formed Strategic Planning Committee wants to hear from you! We’re looking for members with spare time over the summer to engage in research and interviewing, which would form the basis for the creation of a Strategic Plan. No experience is needed, interested members would be supported by board member, Dayna Stein, throughout the data collection process, though they would be responsible for conducting their work independently and meeting specific timelines. If you’re interested in learning more or joining the Committee, please contact Dayna at board@karmacoop.org, subject line: Strategic Planning Committee.