February was a busy month: we got our new tap debit terminals installed, we officially kicked off the new Marketing and Communications Committee with an official meeting, and we have been doing lots of research into new products to offer you package-free!

Our new Marketing and Communications Committee will be working on taking Karma from a “hidden gem” or “best kept secret” to a well known and celebrated leader in the local, organic and low waste food industry. The committee members will be working on projects in the store to improve your shopping experience, as well as taking our message beyond the store to larger audiences with the goal of recruiting new members, retaining existing ones, and increasing sales. See the Member Labour Opportunity section of the newsletter to see how you can get involved!

A few prominent Toronto zero-wasters, who are also Karma members, were featured in Toronto Life recently. They share their low waste journeys and even give a nice little mention of their Co-op. You can view Sophi’s story here and Toni and Lin’s here. Congratulations Sophi, Toni and Lin, and thanks for sharing your stories.

On that note, Karma was awarded the Zero Waste Award by Jon Steinman! We were also given an honourable mention for the Enthusiastic Member Award! It’s worth noting that Jon visited many co-ops throughout the US and Canada, so this is very rewarding!

See you around the store!

Talia McGuire
General Manager